Accommodation at KUTIFEL

Within our company, we value our employees and try to provide them with the best possible working conditions. One of the important areas is also accommodation. That is why we provide accommodation for our employees and foreign workers in decently equipped hostels with all social faciliti

Accommodation for employees

The accommodation of our employees is very important to us. We try to ensure the best possible quality and comfortable conditions for their rest and regeneration after hard work. The accommodation we provide them is modern, well-equipped and includes all social facilities, such as bathrooms, kitchenettes and other necessary equipment. Everything is regularly maintained and cleaned.

Accommodation for foreign workers

In addition to accommodation for our employees, we also try to provide accommodation for foreign workers who come to work with us from other countries. In such cases, we realize that it is important to provide not only an accommodation, but also help with the language barrier, orientation in a new environment and other needs that foreign workers may have. That is why we always have a complete service ready for them, including help with accommodation, transport, administration and other needs they may have during their stay in a foreign country.

We believe that accommodation is an important part of good working conditions and we strive to ensure that our employees and workers are accommodated in an environment in which they feel comfortable and can fully concentrate on their work.

  • Quality accommodation for our employees is very important to us
  • The hostels are modern, well-equipped and include all social facilities
  • Accommodation for foreign workers with complete service
  • We believe that quality accommodation is an important part of good working conditions
  • Ensuring a complete service for foreign workers
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of the hostels
  • Accommodation is located in quiet and safe areas
  • Employees have individual rooms with equipped bathrooms
  • Room equipment includes a bed, bedside table, wardrobe, table and chair
  • Shared kitchens and living rooms are also available in the dormitories
  • Regular quality control of accommodation and ensuring full satisfaction of employees